General Key Points

  • Project Files: Please do compress the full source code files into one single .zip file. This will be the Downloadable file that the buyer will get Right after the Purchase. Upload limit is: 64MB.
  • Downloadable Files: This is where you will put the URL of your downloadable file. First name the file so it’s recognizable to the buyer, as this will be part of their download instructions. And File URL, you have two options here. You can simply upload it to your media file and the link will be automatically added Or If your file Exceed “64MB” then you can put in a URL if you are storing it on some external site like Dropbox/Google-drive.
  • If you face any problem while uploading the product, Please feel free to Contact Us at
  • Sale Price (optional): Set a price for this variation when on sale.
  • Download Limit: Shows if Downloadable is selected. Set how many times a customer can download the file(s).
  • Download Expiry: Set a date here for the expiration of the download link. We recommend about a week, as people sometimes get busy and this gives them a bit of time.

General Key Guidelines

1. Name your asset IN SEO FRIENDLY WAY

Spell check and cross check for naming your venture, in case you’re uncertain of how it spells. Keep basic illustrative names, so they’re easier for the purchaser to discover i.e. Name your assets in a straightforward way that clients will scan for. Abstain from utilizing exceptionally specialized words that amateurs perhaps uninformed of.

2. Keeping a check on the Quality Standards

Give your asset a chance to uncover your energy, aptitude and ability. We’re energetic about all around made surfaces and hovering artisanship in projects that you submit. Your ability reflects in how well you make an asset, which generally expends a speculation of time, cash and exertion of a developer. If there should be an occurrence of 3D resources the geometry ought to be spotless and very much finished, in the event of finish extends the code done ought to be all around remarked. Straightforward resources can be made to multi-packs, unless they’re uniquely subjective. Keep in mind, the projects you submit, manage your capacity and deftness.

2.1 Work out of the Box

Set up your projects in the most easy to use way. On the off chance that the client needs to take after various installation steps, record your information moderately and adequately. Include illustrative cases for much advantageous use. Guarantee that the code pack incorporates records that guide the pre-necessities for the introduces of un-arranged activities.

2.2 Use Quality Presentation Material

Quality substance gets flawless sponsorship when bolstered by a quality introduction material. Include Screenshots and demo video and case screens to flabbergast your prospect purchasers by advocating the nature of your advantage pre-buy. This dependably fills in as an extraordinary early introduction, for your purchaser will realize that your task is the thing that he needs. It’ll absolutely influence you to emerge from the messiness.

3. Restricted Content

3.1 Licenses and Permissions

Do not upload anything that isn’t your creation or something you are not legitimately allowed to exchange. Such activity will make you at risk for legitimate procedures and disciplinary activity by JingalalaGames, Legal Owners of the Content, or your purchasers that may confront lawful bother. Disregarding content incorporates tore and downloaded resources, or unreservedly accessible ones on the web.

3.2 Trademarked, Copyrighted, Violatory and Branded Content

Secure that the submitted project or product shouldn’t promote any brand or trademarked name. For example, don’t check any of your car designs as an Aston Martin; don’t stamp a gun as a Remington or a furniture piece as a Kent-Coffee. Twofold check your assets previously accommodation for Patents or Trademark Violations, if all else fails. Indisputably, we don’t; to our carefulness; acknowledge the tasks that can be sorted as both of the accompanying:

  • Libelous
  • Defamatory
  • Pornographic, reminiscent or foul
  • Racist in any capacity


Your total project bundle must incorporate a documentation. The documentation record ought to incorporate introduce and setup guidelines; the working and use of the project and place it in the primary folder. In the event that you refresh your projects frequently, keep your customers intrigued with your current accomplishments by incorporating adaptation history records in the documentation.

Including the project’s variant history is a totally individual decision. It would be ideal if you transfer a documentation that incorporates guidelines on installation, customization and utilization of the code, written in English and designed as a .pdf, .doc, .txt, or HTML report.

Image Specifications/Requirements for uploading Complete Projects

To put your asset up for show, we require certain pictures. Keep away from ostentatious hues or occupied design. In the event that your submission conflicts outwardly with the Asset Store, we may request a rectification and re-submission. Limit utilization of content on the picture, and rather attempt to graphically portray what your asset does.


A high-res icon is required. This image will be showed in the main product page.


  • JPG or PNG File
  • Dimensions: 512px by 512px
  • Maximum file size: 1mb


You can include upto “8” screenshots. To distribute your Store Listing, you should give at least “2” screenshots. Your uploaded screenshots will be shown on your Product details page on the JingalalaGames website.


  • JPG or PNG File
  • Max file size: 1mb per file

Promo Video: You can add a “YouTube video” to your store posting by entering an Embed code in the “Video” field. While a promo video isn’t required, it’s profoundly prescribed as a fun, drawing in approach to demonstrate your potential clients the highlights of your project. Make a point to utilize an individual video’s YouTube URL, not a YouTube playlist or channel URL.


To present your 3D Projects on JingalalaGames, there’s just little practices you have to guarantee. We recommend the beneath recorded things to influence your benefit entries, to top of the line and top of the line ones!

Requirements for Uploading 3D assets

To put your project up for show, we require certain pictures. Keep away from conspicuous hues or occupied design. On the off chance that your submission conflicts outwardly with the Asset Store, we may request an amendment and re- submission. Limit utilization of content on the picture, and rather attempt to graphically delineate what your asset does.

Keep the 3D Assets Textured and Rigged:

It includes much detail and surface clarity with better shading to add a dash of amazing to your undertaking.

Softwares Used:

Including the data about the product’s that have been utilized for the making of the undertaking, helps well and more valid deals, for both the purchaser and the seller. He would know within reach ahead of time if the project is the thing that he needs.

Low Poly Projects have Higher Prospects:

The 3D Projects must be Mobile Ready, thus Low Poly extends, being lighter and more portable well-disposed will be a keen thing to offer.

Jingalala Games Recommends…

  • Keeping the Projects Reasonably Valued
  • Pre-Existent Notices in the Undertakings
  • SEO Friendly Project Points of Interest
  • Videos, Screenshots, Demos and Trials