FAQ For Sellers

1. Can I Sell my Asset on other Non-Exclusive Markets?

Yes you can offer your assets on some other non – exclusive marketplace. The assets are your protected innovation and your work. You’re along these lines allowed to offer them on any and each stage you wish to, considering the cost and costing of the advantage is genuinely adjusted.

2. When will I get the Payments? And, do I need to make a minimum amount of earnings for my Payout?

In no way, shape or form! There is no base acquiring required for the payouts. We pay our customers gets instant payment now i.e. when order is affirmed the payment is credited into their PayPal account. It doesn’t make a difference the amount you earned in the week, regardless of whether it is $1 or a $1000, the payouts will be released each Friday. However, if you are DOMESTIC OR INDIAN SELLER, in such a case the payments will be credited to you via NEFT within 30 days from the day the order is being placed.

3. What is my share of the Sales of any Uploaded Item?

We have faith in getting you the best and most advantages of your item. You will get a 75% share from each offer of your uploaded item.

4. Are you Sending Payment Automatically to PayPal?

Yes, we send the payments consequently into your PayPal account except for the NEFT Payments in India.

5. How long does it take from upload to approving the item, for it to be online Ready for Sales?

When you have transferred the thing, it takes a most extreme of 24 hours for our Review Processes Team to survey the item, approve it and influence it to go live for sales in the marketplace.

6. What will be my Items Copyrights while selling my Products on your Website?

The Item Copyrights for your items on JingalalaGames basically be:

– If a purchaser purchases a single license of your product, he is permitted to utilize your assets in a single project only.

– If a purchaser purchases multiple license of your product, he is permitted to utilize your assets in more than one project.

At the point when a purchaser makes a buy of any of your assets, he DOES NOT turn into a proprietor of it. He can basically utilize them for his project. He isn’t permitted to offer them encourage anyplace as their own. Indeed, even after the sale of the assets, the ownership rights remain with you.

7. Since your Website is new, how many Sales on an average could I expect to make per Week?

The sales of your item perpetually rely upon the nature and quality of your assets. Aside from this, the purchasing conduct of the group of onlookers is saucy as indicated by the adjustments in the game market trends. For assets that are of fine quality, sellers have figured out how to procure about $3000 to $7000 a month.

Our bonus share isn’t only our own. We utilize this cash to advertise your items on various platforms. Try not to be astounded when sometime you discover a Facebook promotion running, displaying how magnificent your item is. Indeed, we do that for you.

8. Do I get to set the Price of my Uploaded Items?

Yes, the costs of your items are absolutely under your control. We don’t assume any part in the estimating of any item. In any case, we do give help, when required, to control through what a more fitting cost for the item could be.