FAQ For Buyers

1. What will I get after I purchase a Complete Project?
  • Buying an entire project from JingalalaGames gives you first the full source code of the undertaking.
  • An entire documentation joined along makes it simpler for you to additionally adjust the project.
  • The illustrations or graphics accessible in the project are watermarked. Purchasers will get lifetime access to refreshes for free.
  • Full specialized help from the Jingalala Games team.
  • If you Face any Problem while Buying any Product, Please feel free to Contact Us at jingalalagames@gmail.com
2. Can I use the Complete Projects Multiple times?

The projects on JingalalaGames permit buy through various licenses. Purchasing the Single License enables you to transfer the reskinned and changed form once on the stores, however the different permit enables you to reskin the task various circumstances and transfer on the stores numerous circumstances. Be that as it may you should purchase your own particular permit for module.

3. What will I get if I purchase 2D Art, 3D Models, Textures, Particle Effects?

Purchasing 2D Art, 3D Models, Textures and Particle Effects arrives in a bundle with source records of the art and may likewise incorporate a documentation containing all the imperative data on altering of the assets. You could purchase the assets with a single permit for one time utilize, or a broadened permit for numerous uses.

4. How can I Launch my own Game?

In the wake of having purchased a complete game project propelling your own game isn’t a long call. With the entire project, you get the total source code of it with all the imperative documentation. Having done this, a large portion of a point of reference is now accomplished. As a developer, the handling of the thought is less demanding, yet in the plan angle, there is a clip pull here.

According to JingalalaGames Terms and Conditions and License Agreements, the projects must be reskinned before dispatch. So in this manner, to launch a game, you have to do both of the accompanying:

  • Reskin the project yourself
  • Hire an expert that gives reskin services.

Give the venture an ASO treatment with proficient services provided JingalalaGames.

At the point when finished with the greater part of this, your task is good to go for a launch at the stores.